Plus Two Notes

About Us

What motivated us?

Telling about us, we are a group of students who were just high school students just a few years ago. Truth to be told, we had this idea of creating a platform for student's just like us for them to get all the necessary help from a place in the internet. Hence, the idea of Plus Two Notes was formed. (Claps Claps Claps). We first deployed this application in 17th May, 2014. (Phew, it has been more than 2 years now.)

Problems that we face

As we are also just a group of students (Emphasis on the 'student' part), we lack funding to keep this application running. Up until now, we are running this service by getting some funds from various organizations, mainly educational institutes.

Whom do I refer to when I say 'we'?

Our Team started with five members - Saroj Duwal, Julsan Magaju, Yashwant Pandit, Suzeet Twanabasu and me (Drum rolls please!) Amrit Twanabasu. I am the core developer of this application and others provide content to the website (cuz that's how we roll! You can laugh now).