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Plus Two Notes - not just another HSEB guide, its the innovative way of learning.

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Plus Two Notes is an application created to help students get HSEB notes and references easily. We provide you with rich, easy and comprehensive notes based on HSEB plus two Syllabus. Also we have other educational materials like HSEB syllabus to help you to study in systematic order.

We also post HSEB related news on this site on blog section so that you can get updates about Exam routines and HSEB Board exam results.

Whatcha Doin'?

So you wanna know what we are our goals for 2017 huh. We are planning to release Plus Two Notes Android app in 2017's first 3 months. Also we have plans to use Augmented Reality \ Virtual Reality technology to innovate traditional learning methodologies. We will be the first in Nepal to actually use AR \ VR technology in education field. We will be launching an app called Plus Two AR Labs and Homo Sapiens VR in 2017, which is currently under development as of December 2016.

Plus Two Notes, HSEB Notes

What about 'disbanding HSEB'?

After National Education Board, has officially released all syllabus and plans for Secondary Level (From Grade IX to XII) of Nepalese Education System we will correspondingly update our site to fit changing needs.